Leeds as a healthcare system has agreed to adopt the national ReSPECT form. Training is being delivered within all partner organisations and links are being made within electronic patient record systems so the forms can be completed and shared effectively by all professionals. Completion of this advance care plan requires the professional to have skills and knowledge about care planning with the patient, mental capacity, informed consent, best interest decision making and do not resuscitate decisions. Please click here for further information and access to nationally developed e-learning.

My Future Wishes – A Guide to Advance Care Planning

This is a very useful resource pack about Advance Care Planning produced by West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership. It provides lots of information about what Advance Care planning is, why it is important and guidance on how to carry it out. There are also embedded links to other guidance and tools.

Please note – Practitioners should use local resources provided to them by their organisation when undertaking individual personalised assessment and Advance Care Planning.

NHS Planning Your Future Care
This NHS booklet provides a simple explanation about advance care planning and the different options open to you. This information is also available in six other languages – please click here.

Preferred Priorities of Care

Decisions Relating to CPR

Guide to Advance Care Planning – LPCN

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust – What Happens if my Heart Stops Leaflet 

Guidance for People for a ReSPECT Plan

ReSPECT Discussion Guide for Professionals

Future Wishes – Advance Care Planning for People with Dementia – Leeds Locality Workshop Report 22 July 2019

Useful training and information videos

Covid-19 has highlighted the challenge of Advance Care Planning and also the complexities of what it
entails, when and how to have the conversations and how it is documented and shared with all healthcare
professional’s involved in a patient’s care.

ReSPECT (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) is now introduced across the
whole of Leeds and there is a need to consider how it is being implemented and how it links to the wider
Advance Care Planning process.

To explore these topics a programme comprised of three sessions was delivered by Leeds Palliative Care
Specialists in September/October 2020. Links to the session recordings are below:

Advance Care Planning
NHS video providing an introduction to advance care planning

Advance Care Planning – overview of the different areas of ACP
Dr Jason Ward, Consultant in Palliative Medicine – St Gemma’s Hospice

Having the Conversation – key communication skills
Dr Mike Stockton, Chief Medical Officer, Consultant in Palliative Medicine – St Gemma’s Hospice
Trish Stockton, Head of Teaching and Learning – St. Gemma’s Hospice

ReSPECT – what is ReSPECT and how is it being implemented in Leeds
Dr Chris Kane: Consultant In Palliative Medicine – Sue Ryder Wheatfield’s Hospice
This website, charter and films have been developed by Royal College of GPs End of Life Think Tank and Partners.

Planning ahead template

The videos below have been developed for primary care and community practitioners, to support the launch of the new Planning Ahead Template which incorporates EPaCCS and RESPECT.

It will allow clinicians to document and share advance care planning discussions and care preferences for any patient irrespective of prognosis or diagnosis.

This template allows recording of these conversations from an earlier stage of the patient’s journey and includes:

  • What Matters to Me – key questions designed to help think about what matters to a person and facilitate a better more personalised conversation
  • ReSPECT (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) updated to the new national version 3
  • Updated version of EPaCCS to support end of life care.

Primary Care 

Please see the links below to the SystmOne and EMIS specific videos for GPs and Primary Care senior clinician ReSPECT Signatories.



Leeds Community Healthcare

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust Planning Ahead ReSPECT Signatory Training Video
This training video is for LCH senior clinicians (ReSPECT Signatories only) and outlines how to complete the Planning Ahead template within SystmOne, including ReSPECT, generating a ReSPECT form and FAQs.