Leeds Palliative Care Network

Leeds Palliative Care Network is a group of health and social care providers in Leeds, who are working together to improve services for adults approaching the end of their life.

Working together

The purpose of the Leeds Palliative Care Network is to help organisations work together to plan and deliver care, in the best possible way for palliative and end of life care patients, their families and carers.

Our aim is to make sure that patients, families and carers feel that:
• Each person is seen as an individual.
• Each person gets fair access to care.
• A patient’s comfort and wellbeing is as great as it can be.
• Care is coordinated.
• All staff are prepared to care.
• Each community is prepared to help.

Leeds Palliative Care Network makes this happen by:
• Working together openly and honestly.
• Working to ensure fair access to services and that no one is disadvantaged.
• Working together to achieve our shared objectives.
• Letting each other know about important matters and alerting each other to any issues.

Who will look after me?

This will vary depending on your medical condition, current needs and what you want, but may be professionals from any of the partner organisations:
• GP
• Community nurse e.g. district nurse or community matron from your neighbourhood team
• Specialist nurse or doctor
• Social worker or Health Case Manager
• Carer
• Hospital team

Your care team (i.e. the individuals listed above) want to support you and involve you in decisions wherever you are being cared for.

To do this (and with your consent) they will share information about you, including any wishes you may have about your future care. The person talking to you will be someone you know, like your GP or community nurse. If there are any aspects of your care you do not wish to discuss this will be respected. Should your wishes change at any time your records will be updated accordingly.


How will information about my palliative care be shared?

Where possible information recorded within your healthcare record is shared electronically with your care team. This enables your care team to make decisions with you at any time of day or night, especially when this information can be accessed by your GP, community nurses, palliative care nurse specialists and out -of-hours doctors.

In future we hope all your care team, including hospital staff and social workers, will be able to view this information.

Typically, the information shared about you may include:
• who is involved in your care
• who you wish to speak for you if at any time you are unable to make decisions for yourself
• information about your medication and condition
• where you want to be cared for
• preferences or decisions you have made about your care, including resuscitation

ReSPECT is an advance care plan document that keeps a record of your wishes and details what you want to happen with regards to your care and treatment, should your condition change or deteriorate. (It includes the decision about not being resuscitated). For further information visit www.resus.org.uk/respect/patients-and-carers/

Your patient record is confidential and only accessible to professionals involved in your care. Information about your care preferences can be updated should you change your mind. For further details, please see our information leaflet below.